We encourage you to advertise our product & bring us to new audiences by using your own methods independently. We want that you will get your earnings for this as well.

The earning that you have and the tax that you will need to pay for it ( if applicable ) is not depended on us. We will simply send you out the amount that you will get from the commission.

Our Relationship
In plain English: You are an independent contractor, you cannot share your account with others.

As a partner, you should not say you are part of us or make any commitment on behalf of us.

Your participation is yours, which means you can’t own smaller companies or share your affiliate income with anyone else.

You must also ensure that you are able to participate in this process, that you will work in a lawful, genuine manner and that you will not infringe any copyright or commit any fraudulent activity in which you participate.

We reserve all our Intellectual Property rights; and we provide our affiliates with a limited, temporary, non-transferable, non-transferable, non-commercial use of our trademark, brand name, and promotional materials, and such license is restricted only to the commercial use of our products and services with our banners in accordance with our trademark guidelines.

You may only use the appropriate banners and promotional materials that we provide to you as part of our gallery.

Your promotions should always have updated price and discount details.

Termination and suspension
In plain English: We can end this relationship at any time.

We reserve the right to terminate your association with Elemailer (that is, your membership in the program), at any time, by giving notice of such termination (to the email account you used in the program), and immediately, at Elemailer’s sole discretion. When we terminate our relationship, you must stop exercising all our Intellectual Property rights.

In any case we suspect any violation of these terms, we may suspend your account until we receive sufficient evidence from you to show that there are no violations of these terms.

In the event of termination due to infringement (save termination due to inactivity), we will keep all funds in your account.

In the event that we believe your account is inactive, which means that it did not receive any commission or received a visit using your referral link, then we may decide to close your account. In that case, your pending balance, if it does not exceed the payment limit, will not be paid. We will not exercise this right without giving you at least 14 days’ notice, allowing you time to market and promote your referral links and restore your “working” status.

Cruel Use
In plain English: Do not do wrong and keep our name. Do Not Distribute Your Own Elemailer.

In plain English: We pay according to a certain amount of cookies; we can only pay for these people.

You can’t refer your own purchase.

We use the method called crediting the last referrer. Meaning if the new user gets the product using your link even after clicking another person’s affiliate link you will get the commission, not the 1st person. The last referrer is the person who gets the commission.

The commission will be calculated by deducting the amount we have paid from your appropriate guidelines, ie our total amount, tax deductions, refunds, cancellations, bad credit, collection costs, payment costs, and consecutive payments.

The commission will be paid based on the final order amount meaning any kind of discount by you or us will be deducted from the total purchase and then the commission will be calculated based on that. For example: If there is a 30% discount live and your referrer purchases something the amount you get will be = ( Final price on the user’s checkout after the discount * your commission % )

You shall be able to request for fund withdrawal as soon as it reaches 200$ + and after all the customers that you have referred have completed/ passed their refund period ( more than 3 months in total to be safe ) and didn’t have any issue with their subscription as mentioned above. We can’t pay you for the users who take refunds, is a fake customer, etc.

Last updated- 13, May, 2023