Elemailer Features

Grow your business with easy to use drag & drop email builder in WordPress. Great sites sends great emails

What's in Free Elemaier Lite?

Elemailer lite is the free version of our plugin that you can download and install directly from WordPress repo

Elemailer is the most modern drang & drop email builder for WordPress, No coding required for building beautiful emails inside WordPress.

Drag & Drop Interface for Email

Elemailer brings you drag and drop page builder Elementor for creating email template. It’s super easy to use and marketer & noob friendly.

Email Template for Elementor Forms

With Elemailer Lite you can replace your Elementor pro’s form widget’s default email templates. No more nasty looking templates for your form fillers.

Multiple sets of widgets

Elemailer has multiple sets of widgets for your email template to be designed easily with Elementor. 

3 Form Email Templates

Elemailer lite gives you ability to create 3 email template to be used throughout your site’s form widgets. 

Works with any SMTP

It doesn’t matter if you use SMTP or not. As long as your WordPress can send email Elemailer will work.

Contact form 7 email design

Design contact form 7 email and email 2 for free with drag and drop  interface. No more html code wiring. Supports all cf7 shortcodes

What's in Elemaier ( Pro Plan ) ?

Our pro version of the plugin is called Elemailer. The pro version includes all features of the above and more!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is now more easy with Elemailer and WordPress for the marketer. It has all the features needed for a marketer to get started.

Get subscribers

Elemailer has module to store your subscribers in your own WordPress site. Use Elementor form and get them. In short it’s alternative to mailchimp.

Send Welcome Email

You can set and send welcome emails to your users on site with elemailer. Nobody hates a hot welcome email now do they?

Schedule Marketing Emails

Schedule your marketing email, newsletter and more and forget about it. Elemailer will send that to your users.

List Segmentation

Create multiple lists, edit and send emails according to list. 

Double Opt-in

Double opt-in system on the go! Even with bulk email imports.

Email Tracking & Statistics

Don’t send email blindly. Know what’s going on with your email, who opens it and how many times. Everything is visible inside your Elemailer Dashboard. Email Analysis made Simple. 

Let users un-subscribe

Did you know emails that has un-subscriber link attatched to email is considered good emails? We know it and we have got your back in that too. 

Use with Mailpoet

Love mailpoet plugin but don’t find their email builder intuitive? We got you covered. you can keep using mailpoet for their email service and use our plugin for building the template and use in mailpoet

Dynamic Widgets

With Elemailer you will get set of dynamic widgets to help you build proper email that will reflect changes of your site content ( Posts )

Import your subscriber lists

Import your email from other platforms with CSV easily in elemailer. You can choose a list and send welcome/double-opt in email when list is inserted. The export option is a feature request


With this Pro plan you get email support from us. We will be as technical or as noob as you want us to be so that we understand each other well. 

Missing some features?


Start sending emails like a pro from Elemailer with Elementor