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Pricing Faq

Some basic answers to your questions

We don’t offer any trial for the product because we already have the free version with which you can understand how the product works. However we offer 7 days money back system.

The payment is either yearly or one time depending on which plan you selected. If you choose the yearly plans, each year the subscription will be renewed unless canceled.

You can get refund within 7 days of the purchase. But it’s applicable only for first purchase refund. 

Once you purchase and you see that you need Elemailer for more sites, you can simply upgrade your plan from your account area with us. 

Our free plugin is called Elemailer Lite and the pro version is called Elemailer. 
So as you can see there are different plans to choose from when it comes to Elemailer. There are two differences mainly. 

1. Number of sites where the plugin can be used

2. The billing cycle. Some plans are yearly payment plans ( meaning you need to renew the subscription each year )  and some are Lifetime plans ( meaning one time payment ).

We are offering LTD like many other products to boost our sales and business for few months. This will not be offered all the times. There is no extra payment that you need to pay after getting the lifetime license. It’s only 1 time payment. The update will be available for you lifetime. Same goes for the support. 

We might revise the lifetime license price every few months depending on what values we are adding and/or until we stop providing the lifetime license. The sooner you purchase the lifetime license the lower the price you will get it on. Why? Because we believe ( I hope you do too ), our product is worth it!

Good question and glad to see you are reading this. We are offering LTD for the sole purpose of spreading the news about the product by LTD owners and to increase the customer base. Our prices are not too high and not too low to make sure the price we give here is sustainable. On top of that, we will not keep the LTD live for whole life. Once we reach certain targeted audience, we will disable the LTD deal. With that being said, even with current LTD we can sustain and maintain the product because we don’t have to spend money on maintaining servers (Email) like other marketing plugins/systems and that is our biggest advantage. We believe it’s the same for the users as they get the product at a lesser price than competitors. 

We accept paypal, Stripe, Credit cards, master cards. 

We believe we are charging you according to the work we did and will do for the plugin. Saying that, there might be special discounts available on the site every now and then. Subscribe to our form to get such offers. 

When your license gets expired, it means you no longer have a valid subscription of elemailer with us. That stops you from getting our support and updates of new releases. At your end, you will no longer have access to Elemailer features, and widgets. We can’t also make an exception in this case. 

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