Add Subscriber through Contact form 7

If you are using the free Contact form 7 on your site, you may want to collect leads through contact form 7 and add it to Elemailer subscriber lists.

Please follow the below to setup lead collection with contact form 7-

  • First, install and activated contact form 7 and make sure you have created a form inside it.
  • Head over to the contact form itself by clicking on the name of the form / selecting the edit option
  • Now you will notice Elemailer tab which you need to click
  • Check the email Subscription in Elemailer checkbox
  • It will then show you option to select a previously created list ( you can leave it empty as well if you don’t want to add it to a perticular list. )
  • Select the Email field ( make sure the form has email field and you are selecting the proper email field )
  • You can then select first name and last name fields of your form.
  • Hit save and that’s it.

Now with this configured, where ever you use the contact form 7 form on your site, users will be added to the subscriber list inside elemailer.

If double-opt-in / Signup up confirmation is configured they will receive a confirmation email.