How to create a Welcome Email

A welcome email is the company’s initial impression with a new client, newsletter subscriber, or blog subscriber. Special offers, videos, a sign-up form, or just a pleasant greeting may all be included in welcome emails to help build up a connection with a new contact. Since these emails are delivered after a purchase or after subscribing to a company’s newsletter, many of them are read, and the impression they leave on the reader is what they will remember over time.

  • Head over to wp-admin> Elemailer > Emails.
  • Press Add new
  • Press the Welcome Email button
  • Click on Add New tab
  • Write a Template Name. Example: Special Offer Campaign
  • After that add an Email Subject. Example: Quick Deal
  • Click on Next
  • Now you will have the Elemenetor email buidler interface inside to edit your welcome email.
  • You will find several widgets that you can select. Just Drag it on the right side.
  • Move on to Next Step
  • In the Send From section: Fill the Name and Email Address.
  • In the Reply-to section: Fill the Name and Email Address. When your subscribers reply to your email, their emails will go to this address.
  • In the Send Event section: Select
    • When someone subscribes to the list or
    • When someone registers to the site
  • In the Select List section: Here you can select the list to whome you would want to send this email to if you do have the lists created
  • Tick if you want to Enable Statistics.
  • Click on Save And Send or Save For Later

After successful creation of your email you should see it listed in your emails list under welcome tab as below screenshot