How to design your WooCommerce email

With WooCommerce being a popular option to open an e-commerce store, thousands of stores across the globe use it to sell online. Set your brand apart by customizing the various WooCommerce event emails like purchase confirmation & more. Who doesn’t love a better-looking branded email, especially if they are paying to get something? Not the mention you can design these WooCommerce emails with Elementor.

Which WooCommerce Emails customization can be done ? #

📨 WooCommerce Standard Email design:

– Admin New Order Email customization

– Admin Cancelled Order email customization

– Admin Failed Order email customization

– Customer Completed Order email customization

– Customer On-hold Order email customization

– Customer Refunded Order email customization

– Customer Processing Order email customization

– Customer Note email customization

– Reset Password email customization

– New Account email customization

📖 WooCommerce Booking Email Design:

– Admin New booking Email customization

– Admin Booking Cancelled Email customization

– Customer Booking Cancelled Email customization

– Customer Booking Confirmed Email customization

– Customer Booking Notification Email customization

– Customer Booking Pending Confirmation Email customization

– Customer Booking Reminder Email customization

How to Design/Customize WooCommerce emails with Elemailer: #

First, make sure your WooCommerce plugin is installed and active.

Head over to wp-admin > Elemailer > Emails

  • Press the WooCommerce Email button
  • Click on Add New tab
  • In the next step, you will find options like: WooCommerce Template Type, Where to Apply, Template Name, and Email Subject
  1. WooCommerce Template Type: Select Type (can be Admin New Order, Admin Cancelled Order, Admin Failed Order, etc)
  2. Where To Apply: Select one out of Global(All Products), Specific Category, Specific Product
  3. Template Name: Fill in the Template Title/Name. Example: New Order Email
  4. Email Subject: Add a subject line to your email. Example: New Order #(order number)
  • A new page will open that will include Elemailer Template Builder widgets on left
  • There are few dedicated WooCommerce widgets that you can use and also the allowed shortcodes are mentioned in those widgets ( if any )
Edit woocommerce emails with Elementor
Elemailer WooCommerce widgets
woocommerce shortcodes elemailer
Elemailer WooCommerce shortcodes
  • Now comes the last step.
  • In the Send From section: Fill the Name and Email Address. When your subscribers send you an email; their emails will go to this address.
  • In the Reply-to section: Fill the Name and Email Address. When your subscribers reply to your email; their emails will go to this address.
  • Click on Publish or Save For Later